Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I had a case of rim envy last night.

There is this guy, who has a new Dodge Charger, rimmed up, who lives in my complex. I looked at my Grand Prix with the dents and broken mirror, then looked at the shiny 2007 Charger, and caught Rim Envy.

Symptoms include:

1. A feeling of fund-lessness
2. A feeling that no music video hoe, will give your car a second look
3. A feeling that no High School kid will think you are cool.
4. You began to look at your clothes and footwear as inadequate, as not being "cool".
5. You are dissappointed that you did not buy a round of drinks at the bar, or blow $1000 bucks at the Casino when everyone went last week.

Then I thought to myself, “First, Relax, it’s only a Dodge Charger. Second, dude is probably paying like $400 / month in payments, and Third, It’s a Dodge Charger”. My money is being used to increase my wealth.

What a Dodge Charger with rims translates to me is, that you have reached the height of your earning potential and you would like to plant a flag at the top of your peak. A Bentley with Rims means, “Hey this car would look better with these rims”.

What’s the cure for Rim envy……..Looking at real cars with real rims. Rim Envy becomes real motivation. Anyone with a savings account and a job can afford a Charger on Dubs, don't be too impressed. Have your money work for you. Any car less then $50,000 is just getting you from A to B. Other then saftey ratings you should only be concered with reliability.

Over $50,000 and you are saying something. Over $100,000 and you might officially be ballin!. You have to have real money to afford these cars with these rims.

Gallardo…….I’m coming for ya!



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