Monday, March 05, 2007

Poor Britney? NO POOR US!!

Ok, in the wake of the Britney meltdown and the Anna Nicole death, I am in the supermarket and I hear, “Poor Britney” as this retired Go-Go girl, current, grocery purchasing specialist aka checkout lady, looks at the cover of US Magazine. I am 10 seconds from hitting her with a spinning back hand! Poor Britney? Poor Britney?

Poor us! It’s Saturday at 7:00 AM in the morning, and you are scanning my Speed Stick and Charmin. I'm buying 10 for $10.00 Lean Gourmet's and Kroger Brand Cola, at the crack of dawn on a Saturday, so I can get back to my 7 day a week, damn near 365 day hustle. Poor Britney….I told that lady, Britney is rich. She is not just 5 or 10 million dollar rich. She is filthy rich. She doesn’t have to ever buy groceries a day in her life. She doesn’t have to put out another album, all she has to do is don't act like an idiot and hold on to her money. Did you look at those pictures…Come on. Stars tend to be spoiled brats. They cry like they want to be treated like everyday people, but then carry on with their outlandish behavior. I never thought Britney was nearly as cute as everyone thought, but it’s going to be hard for me to forget her in those Bobby shorts, looking like a slim Uncle Fester. Look at that picture. She looks like the dude at Juffy Lube.

You might be thinking that I sound just a little jealous. Because I am.....You want to feel bad for her. Look at her crib. It probably cost a couple of million per year just to keep the place up.

The problem with people with money, is they don't know how it is not to have money. They get some paper and start "acting a fool". The people around them aren't true friends and are just worried when their meal ticket seems to be floundering.

For instance: Anna Nicole. I give her props because she made a fortune out of being “not talented” and even after her death they have E news specials on her. James Brown, the Godfather
of Soul, the man from which hip hop, and rap started from, got a 5 minute piece on E. Anna ruined her life with drugs and alcohol and she is getting week long specials. Look how good she used to look. She gets rich and starts looking worse. How does that happen? Guys
who have made millions by the way of the hustle, understand the hustle. Warren Buffet is in the process of giving his loot back through charity, he understands fully, how lucky he is, and how powerful his bank account is. There are some exceptions, but unfortunately the attention goes to those who don’t deserve it.

But while you are feeling bad let's take the time to feel bad for



Let's go get this paper!!

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