Sunday, October 12, 2008

Memoirs From The Maniac

As we start Calendar week 41, I have a new sense of urgency. I am closing in on my 34th birthday, and I'm supposed to be rich by age 35. Just a little over 365 days to go. I have a new thought process which should help. It's cruel and evil but gets results. I will only share these thoughts after the first million. It's genius when it works, insanity up until then.

I'm going to Mexico again this week for work. This is frustrating because my life is one big business, and if I'm removed from it, all other business suffer. However; I do know who is buttering my bread and I want to continue snack on buttered toast so Hasta Luego!

I will bring pictures and updates, you know how I roll (or blog). Meanwhile you can read my assessment below of the "4 Hour Work Week". It's a little lengthy but I think it's informative; and worthy of discussion.

I got over 100 hits last week!!! Keep them coming & Thanks for reading.

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