Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Baller Watch - Jay-Z!!


As I was reading an article in September’s issue of Fortune Magazine I read a snippet about my man Jigga, aka J-hove, aka Jigga, aka Jay-Z.

In reference to an exclusive wine, the article reads, “The best chance for common folk to buy a bottle is in the after-market for up to $2,000 online, or for $6800 at DUO, a restaurant in the Four Seasons Maui, where rapper Jay-Z recently ordered two and left half of the second bottle to the wait staffs delight.”

WTF! Damn, it must be nice.
So two bottles of wine or drinks for one dinner costs $13,600. That beats two waters, with lemon and sugar packets. - (That's a throwback to my cheap days - 2007 lol)

To put that in perspective this USED 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix, with 27,800 Miles is: $13,990.00
With $2000 down, and 7.43% financing for a 4 year loan that would be $310 per month.

So you know I had to look up this DUO joint right.
….because I might have to vacation there once the millions start piling up.

Here is what I found out. DUO is in Maui at the four seasons.

The standard Romance package at the Maui four seasons include:
• Luxurious accommodations
• Welcome amenity and fresh flowers on arrival
• Two monogrammed bathrobes – yours to keep (maximum two initials per bathrobe)
• One candlelight dinner for two with wine at Ferraro's, including tax and gratuities
• Bougainvillea trail in your room, with champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, aromatherapy oils and candle (once only)
• One 50-minute couple's massage for two (gratuity is included)
• Buffet breakfast for two daily at DUO
• Air-conditioned convertible car to be picked up at Kahului Airport*
• Overnight valet parking

The Ocean Front Prime Suite is $3268 per night (1/2 bottle of wine).
This is 5 nights for a total of: $16,340. Another Used Car.

For the record, I will never pay that much per night for anything even when I am rich.



Welcome to Paradise: Below are pictures from the Four Seasons Maui:



"Where my Hose At" T-shirt

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