Sunday, October 05, 2008

Status of the Insane Future Millionaire

I would just like to thank everyone for checking out my blog again!! I am definitely back in full effect. I got a 72 hits last week and $38.00 smackers for the month of September!!

This has been a rough week, I am averaging more sleep (4.5 hrs.) per night, but things are stressful here in Detroit. I am trying to hold the Truck Washing business together without laying off any of my workers; so far so good. I am a proponent that companies do bad because everyone is not working together. Together means the employers and the employees. If I can pull my little company through these bad times then the good times will be a piece of cake.

As you may well know Wash and Roll is broken up into two entities, Truck Washing and Mobile Detailing. The carpet cleaning portion never really took off. The Mobile Detailing is having a phenomenal year, despite the down turn in the economy we did well. Our clientele is based around those who can afford to have their cars washed for $150 a pop. The truck washing business however, is bleeding. The first service that gets cut by the fleet owner is the truck washing. First they go from using our service every week to every other week. This means the dirt is on the truck twice as long, which takes more soap and more time. Then eventually they go to once per month or not getting their trucks washed at all.

As the hero of this story (blog) what am I to do?

I am losing literally hundreds’s per week. Well take this journey with me.

My first step: Out source advertising. I have found a company to print and fold brochures for me. This will allow me to mail out 100’s at a time.

My next step: Since the detailing business is so profitable, how can I do this in the winter? I am working out a deal with a mobile station with three empty garage bays. I will rent one of the bays for the winter and attempt to solicit auto dealerships to let us detail used cars. My first sales pitch meeting is Monday night.

Third Step: Perform work as sub-contractors. There is an outfit called United Mobile, that has a full time sales staff. We can perform work for them (if they have any work to be performed).

These are the three steps I’m pursing aggressively all the while maintaining the T-shirt biz (Nuff Said Outfitters), the Vending machines, the Ebay store Money Saving Mikes, and working a 70 hr. work week – not to mention getting my blog on.

busy as hell and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I made a promise not embark on many of the other ideas I have until the Truck washing part becomes profitable again.



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