Monday, July 03, 2006

GETTING OUT OF DEBT: 1 (in a Multi Post Series)

Step 1: Self Discipline & Determination

There is no question as to whether you will be a millionaire working at this firm (or coming to this blog), the question is how many times over.

You think I'm joking. I am not joking. I am a millionaire. It's a weird thing to hear, right? I'll tell you, it's a weird thing to say. I'm a freakin’ millionaire. Now, you all look money hungry and that's good. Anybody who says money is the root of all evil, doesn't F’n have any! Money can't buy happiness? Look at the f’n smile on my face. Ear to ear, baby. You wanna hear details? I drive a Ferrari 355 cabriolet, what’s up. I have a ridiculous house on the SouthFork. I've got every toy you can possibly imagine. And best of all, kids, I am liquid.

That is a speech given by Ben Affleck in boiler room. That’s what I watch to get me pumped up. That’s one of my motivators that keep me going. I'm sure everyone has their own.

Why am I so obsessed with money? People always ask me this. To set the record straight I’m not obsessed with money, but I’m in love with what money can do. Money is resources, and resources equal power.

Anyone who says they don’t care about money is either lying or already rich. Anyone who says they wouldn’t like to be rich is full of it. Most people hit their 30’s and start to come to terms with being mediocre and living a middle class lifestyle. They start to create a mind set that poor or middle class is great as long as they have their health. You know what? I would rather be a healthy rich guy then a healthy poor guy. Sick rich guy or sick poor guy. Divorced rich guy or divorced poor guy. Rich is like the color black, it goes with anything.

People fool themselves into thinking that a Malibu Max is just as good as that M-class Benz. The 2 bedroom, one bath house is great for a wife and 3 kids. The schools that their kids are attending will improve with just a couple of bake sales and car washes to get those new computers.

Well readers, you are on this blog because you have not fell into that mind set as of yet.
I am here to save you. Compare yourselves to Jay-Z, Tiger Woods, Warren Buffet, and the man himself, Bill Gates.

That’s how you want to live. That’s how you deserve to live.

Now think back to when you were in 11th grade. How you envisioned your life. The cars you wanted to drive, the house you wanted to own. Well you are there now. This is it. You only have one life, so strap in and take control of it.
Right here, right now.

There are dozens of books on getting rich, real estate, and stocks. Many times the advice in those books are “dead on”. The reason why people don’t get rich is because they don’t have the self discipline to act on the advice given.

For instance, everyone knows, simply to lose weight, just eat less calories then you burn. Nobody wants to be fat, but yet Poll results show that 80 percent of people older than 25 are overweight ( No one wants to be fat but yet it’s hard to stay discipline enough to refrain from eating things you shouldn’t.

Quick Test

To determine how money and self determination can control almost your entire life, write down the biggest 10 problems that you have in your life. Nearly all your problems can be solved by the addition of more money or self discipline. This means that with more money and believing in yourself, you can control your destiny.

This is a powerful statement so I must repeat it:


I will go through this exercise with you: Here are my top 10 problems and what it will take to correct them.

1. Stabilize my small business
More money will stabilize my business
Self Discipline to market – (I’m the shy salesman)

2. Need a new Vacuum
More money

3. Work Less hours at my Corporate Job
Self Discipline – I don’t have to be the best, just good enough to stay in the top 10%. This means working less hours

4. Sleep more
Self Discipline

5. Six Pack of Abs (I ain’t chunky but I ain’t LL either)
Self Discipline

6. Shoot consistently under 100 in golf
Self Discipline

7. Spend More Time with my family
Self Discipline

8. I need to be Debt Free
Self Discipline to stay on budget



From looking at my top 10 list you can see that I can control almost every one of these items with self discipline, and everything else comes with more money.

Yes, it is that easy!

I would be interested to see what other lists look like. The things you can’t control are health issues and relationships, but money and self discipline would greatly help in those instances too.

Remember, I am here to take these steps with you. This isn’t a crappy self help page trying to sell you a book. This is real people, real circumstances, with real solutions.

I will let you know when I get the “six pack” abs (yes, I will post a pic as proof), when I shoot that round of golf under 100, and when I get a vacuum cleaner that's worth a damn.


Next we will configure our budgets. Self discipline will be the key ingredient to maintaining our budgets.


Susan G. said...

A friend of mine at work told me about your site, and I think it's wonderful. I am excited to read your next posting each day. You are a great motivator, and I am determined to get out of debt. Here are my top 7 problems. I don't have ten.

1. Overweight (Curvy)
2. I hate my job
3. I need a new car
4. I have lots of debt
5. I want my college degree (12 more credits)
6. I need a man, and want a family
7. I need a house

What do you think about these problems? I have done a lot of damage with an ex boyfriend and credit cards from college. I am only 27, but I feel like the 30 year olds you described on your page.


P.S. Thanks for the Vin Diesel Picture, he is yummy!

Anonymous said...

Preach on brother! I look forward to seeing those

The Michael Jordan Lifestyle said...

Hey Susan,

I think you have a very common top 10 list. It sounds like you don't have any children, and no boyfriend so you can focus on you.

Being overweight, or as people like to say "curvy" is only Ok if you are happy with yourself. Obviously you are not, because you listed this as Number one. The main thing with weight loss or any change is baby steps and steady progress. I know you have heard it many times but it is a lifestyle change.

The first thing I would recommend is drinking diet drinks if you are not already.

Then increase your activity slowly while cutting portion sizes down. That's it! Don't get too crazy. If you live alone post your weight and waist size on the refrigerator door, it will drive you crazy at first, but then it will motivate you to keep seeing that number go down. Never replace the paper it's written on, just cross the old weight off and write the new weight next to it.

After a few weeks you will hit the snowball affect. You will start feeling really good about yourself, and having more energy making you want to look better and do more. This brings you to number six. This change in attitude will undobutly be noticiable. This will attract the man that you deserve. One who is not afraid of a self confident woman. Always take pride in your apperance. This doesn't mean 30 mintues of make-up each morning but it means a neat pony-tail when you don't have time to do your hair, pressed clothes that fit well. Look in the mirror each day before leaving the house and think what if someone took my picture today and put it on the internet? Would it be how I want to present myself to the world? When your answer is yes, then you are good to go. When your answer is "The Hell with what people think" then you need a reality check. Perception is reality. If people percieve that you have your sh_t together it forces you to get your sh_t together to keep up the perception easier. Do you feel me?

The next two I would like to address are not so easy: Your Job and your degree. This can be complex or not so complex depending on your occupation. If getting your degree will lead to a new job or new position, then it's easy. Start calling around. Do a little bit each week. Your schedule should look something like this:
Week 1 - Find out which classes are available towards your degree and how much are the fees.

Week 2 - Paper budget your money and your time to see if it's feasible to attend classes the next available semester.

Week 3 - Enroll.

Week 4 - Buy the books and class material early, use the scheduled class times to read through the material, or read a novel. This will give you the opportunity to ease into scholastic mode.

Hating your job is probably one of the most common issues. You should list what exactly you hate about your job, and try to fix them one thing at a time. Remember you often hate what you are not good at, so becoming an expert at what you hate makes it likable. (I am having that love hate affair with golf. It has become more pleasurable for me as my game improves).

The debt, the house and the car we will be covering right here. Just stay with us Sus!

I hope this helps without being too preachy. By no means am I a financial, or health expert so please consult the pros before making any drastic decisions.

Wheww! I'm glad you only had seven :)


Susan G said...

Thanx for the long reply to my comment. I guess I was'nt expecting that much information, but I am using it all. I am getting my ass in motion starting today.