Saturday, June 17, 2006

New Cars - For Rich People or Fools

I didn’t want to write about this today but Friday at work as usual something pissed me off. Outside in the parking lot of my job there is a black car similar to mine. Our "lovely" receptionist at our front desk says to me, “ Your car has a flat tire out there”. I told her that’s not my car. She says, “ Oh, that's right, you have the car with all the dents in it”. Then she proceeds to laugh. Then 4 hours later, 4 freakin’ hours later this bitch is still crackin’ jokes about my dents. “There goes SMASH – BANG himself, HA HA HA” she says to another admin. I wanted to punch the glasses off her fat ass face. Instead, I laughed (maintained my demeanor) and got in the elevator.

This brings me to one of the major reasons why people never get rich: EGOS .

Now I have a lot of pride and a big Ego, both of which I leave at home before going to work everyday.

ALL-DEN-TE - My Car's Name

OK, so I do have two dents in my car. These dents are a result of lack of sleep and keeping the car on the road, pushing yourself to the physical limit to make some business deals. By no means do I advise this, but that was the case. After six accidents I have learned that you can't sleep and drive at the same time. I choose not to get the dents fixed as a reminder to myself what a car really is. It is a vehicle to get from point A to point B.

New cars, Car Stereo’s and Rims are for fools or Rich people. If you are Shaq, Mark Cuban or Trump, knock yourself out. You probably made more money talking to the fat Spanish dude at Unique Whips then most of us make in a year ( Depending on your profession you might need a decent size, good-looking car or truck. However, there is almost no need for rims, let alone, televisions in the headrests. Now, not only are you making payments on your car, but also the $6000 rims, and the Best Buy monthly payment for the stereo you just brought.

For those who choose to lease, your're renting a lifestyle that you can't afford. When your lease is up you have nothing.

Laugh at the dents if you will, but they will are brought and paid for!

Millionaire Le$$ons Learned
1. A car is to get from A to B reliably & safely
2. A New car depreciates an average of 20% in the first 18 months
3. Control the EGO – Car accessories do not improve your quality of life.
4. Leasing a car is “renting a lifestyle”

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