Thursday, June 15, 2006

Qualified to do the Job

As you read through my posts, you might ask yourself, "Why is this guy qualified for this blog?".
Well, the title speaks for itself. I am that guy. Life has shown me many things. In my short time as an adult I have lived the life of many men. I've been engaged, married, had a cheating spouse, and divorced. I have lived on the East Coast, The West Coast, and the Midwest. I've spent ample time in the United States' two unofficial capitals, New York & LA. I've worked overseas in Europe, I've lived in housing projects, been homeless and lived in shelters. I am a corporate America soldier as well as a small business owner. I'm at the age where I can pass for 38 or 24. I personally know millionaires as well as broke a$$ muthaf'ers. In short, there is no doubt that I will be a millionaire and I'm already poor and life has made me insane.

Now that my qualifications are official, hopefully we can all gain experience from my experiences as well as experiences from my readers.

Over & Out!

I will post the top 10 for discussion!

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