Monday, June 19, 2006

What if You Run Out Of Material to Post??

This question was asked to me by a friend of mine. That will never happen. Becoming a millionaire is the most exciting ride of a life time. My loyal readers will be able to share a variety of experiences with me. Remember sports fans, I'm not rich, I'm going to be rich. Right now I'm as broke as you, or worse. What this means is that you will get to share my journeys as I learn to adapt to the rich lifestyle. This is good stuff! I will let you know how my golf game is progressing, my first puff of a cuban cigar, my expereinces eating at the best places. Walk with me as my friends and I go to dealerships and test drive cars that we will soon be able to buy, and look at mansions and boats that will be part of my estate. Accompany me on my first dates with my future wife, as I pick a queen for the empire. From the business side you will be privy to details on business deals gone right or wrong. With the internet and a camera phone it'll be like you you are there with me. I would pay money to read Bill Gates' blog when he was "Nerdy Booger Billy" or Mark Cuban when he was "Mark the Head Cuban". You know these guys got no tail in High School but look at them now.

Just think you knew me when I was "Smash-Bang"!

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