Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sleep Log

First things first - "Helen, thanks for my first official Comment!"

Below are the hours slept versus the hours worked this week. This
is the amount of work that it takes to get to the top. Hopefully in the future
there will be a shift of more sleep and less corporate job hours, thus freeing up more time to dedicate to my small business.

I have read many times that you should spend only the time required to do your day job adequately and spend the rest of your time developing a money making skill. My strategy with my day job is to put policies and procedures in place to allow me to work a 10 hour day and still exceed expectations of my Directors. The downside: I've been saying that for the last 5 years!

Monday June 19th
4hrs. Sleep 13 hrs Corporate Job

Tuesday June 20th
5 hrs. Sleep 12 hrs. Corporate Job

Wednesday June 21st
0 hrs. Sleep (Pulled the car over for a nap) 13 hrs. Corporate Job

Thursday June 22nd
3 hrs. Sleep 13 hrs. Corporate Job

Friday June 23rd
5hrs. Sleep 14 hrs. Corporate Job


1. Jay Leno – four hours"He subsists on four hours' sleep per night. Out of fifty-two weeks, he gets four weeks off, during which time he is miserable. "I hate those weeks off," he tells me. "To me, a week's vacation just means you're now a week behind."

2. Madonna – four hours"Madonna has revealed she only grabs four hours' sleep a night because she constantly worries about everything that is going on her life.

3. Florence Nightingale – four hours"Florence Nightingale only slept four hours a night"

4. Anton Ballard – four hours"Ballard keeps pushing himself to get better. He averages around four hours of sleep per night, and works about 12 hours each day between his meat counter and his studio."

5. Michelangelo – four hours"Both aboriginal peoples and highly creative people (such as Thomas Edison and Michelangelo) rarely sleep for more than four hours at a time."

6. Napoleon Bonaparte – four hours"Napoleon Bonaparte learned to live with the fact that he was only existing on three or four hours sleep a night and got on with his grand schemes."

7. Bill Clinton – five to six hours"President Clinton grabs 5-6 hours"

8. Winston Churchill – six hours"It was claimed he only spent 6 hours in bed every night. However, he wrote that one needs to take a complete nap every afternoon, to get fully undressed and really go to bed. No "halfway measures". He claimed the reward was to "get two days in one - well, at least one and a half, I'm sure." He claimed this nap was absolutely neccessary to cope with his responsibilities during the war. His naps were 1.5 to 2 hours long, for a total of about 8 hours a day!"

9. Nikola Tesla – two hours"He is said, by some of his followers, to only have slept 2 hours a day. He was definitely a night owl. But his staff has told of him taking many naps during the day. And it seems he may have been narcoleptic, and able to sleep with his eyes open."

10. Leonardo Da Vinci – 15 mins every four hours (ie. 1.5 hours)" It was said that he would sleep just 15 minutes of every four hours."

11. Margaret Thatcher – four hours"Margaret Thatcher, the former prime minister, was famous for getting by on only four hours a night."

12. Martha Stewart – four hours"“There’s not enough time in the day,” complains the woman who says she needs no more than four hours’ sleep a night."

13. Thomas Edison – four hours"Thomas Edison slept 3-4 hours at night, regarding sleep as a waste of time"

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